Bill Ward

Our Purpose:

This website will be a public archive of the wonderful art of the late Bill Ward. It has been difficult to find anything about him or his work on the internet - in part, because of the lack of a site like this, but also because there is another British erotic artist (who specializes in buxom women) by the same name. And if you tried to add "Drummer" (a magazine that showcased his work for years) or his best-known character "Drum" to the search, you'll wind up with a lot of hits for the Black Sabbath drummer who - once again - has the same name.

Note that only registered users (it's free!) are able to see the explicit art, or the full-size scans in the gallery.

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Latest Changes:
Changes in the site and the gallery will be noted here for the convenience of our visitors.

Disclaimer: We are aware that our reproduction of various materials herein may appear to be in violation of copyright. As all the companies that published his work seem to have gone out of business - no one seems to be interested in or capable of preserving the artwork. While some groups interested in preserving gay history or leather history may have collections of periodicals containing Bill Ward's art, those collections do little - especially in our internet-connected world - to make his work available to the public. It is our perspective that the preservation and appreciation of Mr. Ward's brilliant art trumps the copyrights held by bankrupt companies. This site is being done as a labor of love, and will never charge admission nor run paying advertisements, though we may occasionally accept donations to cover real costs. We stand ready to work with any copyright holder, in keeping with the primary goal of preserving Mr. Ward's work and making it easily available to the public.